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BBQ Grill Box Tips

Grilling made easy on your Camp Chef Stove!

Love grilling burgers, steaks and corn on the cob? Now you can easily do it at the lake, a tailgate party or your favorite campsite without strapping the backyard barbecue into your truck bed. Add a Barbecue Grill Box to your Camp Chef Stove and you’ve instantly got a portable grill. Our grilling boxes are designed to fit snugly on your stove, covering either one or two burners, depending on the model. The Grill Box has a diffuser plate that evenly distributes heat across the grill surface, eliminating hot or cold stops. For smoke-flavored foods, simply add wood chips.

With many different Grill Box models to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that fits your stove and lifestyle. After the quick introduction below, check out our website for details on the ones that interest you most. With each Grill Box we make it easy and list the stove models they fit and other tips.

Barbecue Grill Boxes:


Item # 20-BB-60L

Barbecue Grill Box with attached lid.
Fits most 2-burner stoves (covers 1 burner).

BB-60X Item # 20-BB-60X

Barbecue Grill Box with attached lid.
Fits most 2-burner stoves (covers 2 burners).

BB-90L Item # 20-BB-90L

Barbecue Grill Box with attached lid.
Fits over 2 burners on 3-burner stoves.

BB-100L Item # 20-BB-100L

Barbecue Grill Box with Lid. Designed to hold the heat and sear the meat. Covers 1 burner.

BB-50 Item # 20-BB-50

The perfect open-air grill box for your Sport Utility Stove. Small and compact to help keep you traveling light.

Cooking with your Barbecue Grill Box:

  • Prepare the grill box for cooking: Before using, wash thoroughly in sudsy water. Rub a coating of oil using a cloth or paper towel on the cast iron. Heat the grate. Over time a nice black patina should build up. Oil the grate each time before use to reduce or prevent food from sticking. Season the grate with oil and heat after each use.
  • Heating the Grill Box: Use the Grill Box with a low pressure stove. (If you are using high pressure, be extremely careful to not overheat the grill assembly. Never use maximum BTU output or high.) Place the Grill Box over the burner before lighting. On a low pressure stove allow the grate to heat on high for about 5-minutes, and then adjust to desired temperature for cooking. You’re now ready to add food!
  • Prepare your meat for the grill: Completely thaw meat before grilling. Trim off excess fat and remove skins from poultry to prevent flare ups. If desired, marinate meat for several hours in the refrigerator using your favorite homemade or commercial sauce. Marinating helps tenderize the meat. While grilling, turn meat with tongs or a spatula—without piercing with a fork—to keep the juices inside and prevent drying out.
  • Meat smoking tips: Smoking wood chips add flavor to food! We offer 4 different woods: apple, mesquite, hickory and alder—give them a try! (Apple Wood Chips, Item# 20-WCHIPA) Never use a resinous wood such as pine that will give food an unpleasant taste. Soak the wood chips in water for about 20-minutes before placing them on the diverter plate. Saturating with water keeps the wood smoking longer and prevents it from burning up too quickly. Add your food and close the Grill Box lid to keep the smoke and moisture in and to speed up cooking. The amount of wood chips you use will determine how subtle or strong the smoke flavor will be. Smoked foods may not appear fully cooked when done, so watch your food closely to make sure you don’t overcook it.
  • Cleaning the Grill Box: Clean the grate with our Cast Iron Conditioner (Item# 20-CSC-8), or use sudsy water. Season the grate after each use with either oil or Cast Iron Conditioner. Use hot sudsy water or place the Grill Box in a dishwasher. Wipe the flavor screen clean, or burn off stuck-on food; cool, and scrape clean with a wire brush.
  • Storing your Grill Box: Keep your Grill Box clean and ready for use by storing in a carry bag. (The order number you’ll need for the bag to match your grill can be found with each Grill Box.) Never store a damp or wet grill, but dry thoroughly, season and make sure it’s cool. We recommend you leave a 2 to 3-inches opening in the bag to allow air to circulate during storage.
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