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Using your Dutch Oven

Are you ready for great Dutch Oven cooking?

Traditional Dutch Oven:
For traditional outdoor cooking you’ll want to select a Dutch-Oven with a flat bottom inside. We offer a wide variety of sizes and styles. Our best-selling Deluxe Dutch Oven comes in several sizes and has a True Seasoned Finish, a deep dish lid that doubles as a skillet, a thermometer channel allowing you to check the inside temperature without lifting the lid, and a free lid lifting tool. The crowd-ready 12-quart Dutch Oven (Item # 20-DO-14) is the largest; the smallest is a petite 3/4 –quart (Item # 20-DO-5; lift tool not included), and is perfect for individual tastes. The legs allow you to stack several Dutch Ovens to conserve heat and coals and save cooking space. Rimmed lids hold coals in place and can be reversed and used as a skillet. You’ll enjoy the Lewis & Clark Expedition commemorative scenes on the lids.

Ultimate Dutch Oven:
If you’d like to try something new or step outdoor cooking up a notch, give our Ultimate Dutch Oven (Item # 20-TDO-20) a try. Made of cast iron, the Ultimate Dutch Oven conducts and retains heat well, but has the added bonus of an inner cone for convection-style roasting. This oven is hot, fast and versatile. Try roasting chicken, turkey, roasts or ribs and you’ll discover the great taste of Dutch Oven cooking in less time.

The cone circulates hot air from the heat source into the middle of the Dutch Oven, cooking food from both the inside and outside. The deep dome lid allows for plenty of airspace above the food; keep the vent cone free from obstruction. The lid easily doubles as a deep skillet. Give roasted and baked foods both a try in the Ultimate Dutch Oven!

Dutch Oven care:
Whether your new Dutch Oven is preseasoned or not, you’ll want to prepare it for its initial cooking experience.

  • Wash your new Dutch Oven in hot sudsy water. Scrub the wax sealant off with a scouring pad or scrub brush.
  • Place your new Dutch Oven upside down on your camp stove, in your barbecue, or in your oven at home at 350° - 400° F. (Any excess wax sealant will smoke as it burns off, so you may wish to do this outside—or with the windows open.) Once the smoking stops, remove your Dutch Oven from the heat source.
  • Allow your Dutch Oven to cool completely before washing again. Rinse your Dutch Oven thoroughly and dry completely. You’ll want to restore or condition your Dutch Oven’s finish after each cleaning.
  • Our Cast Iron Conditioner (Item # 20-CSC-8) is an excellent way to keep your Dutch Oven in top condition. Wipe the conditioner on all inside surfaces of your Dutch Oven and matching lid with a cloth. Place the Dutch Oven on a heat source upside down. Heat to 350° - 400° F. Your Dutch Oven will smoke as it bakes. Remove from heat once the smoking slows down. Your Dutch Oven is ready to use, or let it cool completely before storing.
  • After using and cleaning your Dutch Oven, reapply Cast Iron Conditioner to all surfaces to keep it in top condition.
  • Over time your Dutch Oven will develop a rich black patina similar to a non-stick surface. Don’t scrape or scrub it off!

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