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Dutch Oven Cooking on a Camp Chef stove.

Every camper has arrived in the great outdoors only to discover they forgot charcoal or can’t gather wood or light a campfire. Don’t worry, your delicious Dutch Oven dinner isn’t lost—it can be made on your Camp Chef stove!

Dutch Oven Cooking 1 Our Camp Chef Flame Tamer (Item # 20-FT-10) is perfect for spreading the heat to the outside of your pots, and adds heat control when using a Dutch Oven. Place the Flame Tamer, a 10-inch metal disc, on the stove’s grate over the burner. The Flame Tamer will evenly diffuse the heat. The Flame Tamer works well with skillets and other pots and pans. The feet of Dutch Ovens don’t slide through the stove’s grate with the Flame Tamer.
Dutch Oven Cooking Guide 3 The legs of larger Dutch Ovens (14-inch) won’t fit on the flame tamer. The Dutch Oven Trivet (Item # 20-TRDO) solves the problem. The trivet fits nicely on the Flame Tamer and the large Dutch Oven will be level and high enough off the heat to reduce the chance of burning dinner.
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