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Seasoning your Steel Griddle

Preparing your steel Griddle:

  • use only on low or medium heat. Never use high heat.
  • Before using, wash in hot sudsy water and dry thoroughly.
  • Slowly warm over low or medium heat.
  • Season with solid white vegetable shortening. Avoid butter and salted fats. Be sure to coat the corners and inside the rim.
  • Now you’re ready to whip up sourdough hotcakes and start cooking!

Cooking on Your Griddle

  • Each time you use your griddle place it over the center of the heat source and gradually add heat to reach cooking temperature. Avoid warming too quickly and uneven heating.
  • Apply a thin coat of oil or shortening to the entire cooking surface, rims and corners.
  • Avoid high temperatures that can warp and damage the griddle.
  • Never overheat the griddle or leave it empty on a burner. Steel holds and distributes heat well once it has reached cooking temperature.
  • Your griddle with develop a beautiful “antique” patina over time. The patina seals the steel’s pores and helps prevent food from sticking. Don’t scrub it off.

Care and Storing:

  • Scrape off burned or stuck on food with a spatula or plastic scrapper.
  • Acidic food can discolor a griddle and cause a metallic taste. Thoroughly clean and reseason your griddle to restore it.
  • After use, clean in hot sudsy water. Never use a dishwasher. Dry and season. Wipe excess oils away with a paper towel.
  • If rust develops, clean and dry thoroughly. Cooking with butter is okay, but avoid seasoning with butter or fats containing salt before storing. Make sure the griddle is dry before storing.
  • Store in a dry place. A storage bag will protect your investment. Leave 2-3 inches open for air circulation.
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